Premium 4.0 Kids Rubber Binoculars


Your Kids Will Be A Mighty Explorer! Let Them Explore The World! 

Premium 4.0 Kids Rubber Binocular

Binoculars are an excellent gadget to introduce your children to nature’s beauties. They can assist your children in spotting nesting birds, deer, and even a beehive from a safe distance.

The problem is that although you want to give your kids a beautiful picture, it’s also unsafe to put decent binoculars in the hands of children who are prone to dropping them.

Premium 4.0 Kids Rubber Binoculars are ideal for children. For days on end, they’ll be wide-eyed with delight, thanks to these binoculars.


Premium 4.0 Kids Rubber Binoculars — A Must-Have For Kids.

A built-in contemporary aesthetic and lightweight design, as well as a unique Focus-Free feature that is great for sports events.

It’s perfect for watching concerts, sporting events, and other outdoor activities. Through observation—a key component of the scientific method, kids can learn more about birds, bugs, nature, and the world in general.



6 Reasons Your Kids Need Premium 4.0 Kids Rubber Binoculars:

  Best Explore Toys

Designed for easy use by children. The small size is ideal for small hands and outdoor adventures!


  Superior Safety 

Premium 4.0 Kids Rubber Binoculars are made of non-toxic natural rubber and come with rubber-encased eyepieces to protect children’s eyes and faces. Super Lightweight at 0.29 lbs.


  Amazing Optical Zoom For Children

30mm class optical coated lenses, adjustable focal length and width for different face sizes. * Please note: 4x30mm magnification allows you to see up to 328-492 feet away (Under Favorable Weather Conditions).


  Shock Proof 

Premium 4.0 Kids Rubber Binoculars featuring a shock-absorbing rubber coating that can endure falls on floors. When compared to other brands, there is an additional coating surrounding the eyepieces, which provides improved lens protection during falls.


  Full Package

All accessories are included, including binoculars, a cleaning cloth, and a neck strap. Excellent for bird watching, learning, stargazing, hunting, sports games, theaters, boat cruises, hiking, learning, travel, summer fun, and appreciating the wilderness!


  Colorful Design

Amazing aesthetic and interesting design in three various colors: tiffany blue, galaxy purple, and sweet pink. One of the colors that your boy and daughter will undoubtedly adore!


Product Specifications

Size: 120*110*50mm
Weight: 150g
Magnification: 4x
Major Material: Optical glass lens: Natural Rubber

Package Included

1 x Premium 4.0 Kids Rubber Binoculars
1 x Lanyard
1 x Lens cloth
1 x Color Box


Take Note About

  1. Due to differences in monitors and light effects, the actual color may differ slightly from the image.
  2. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.




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