Smart Posture Corrector
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Smart Posture Corrector


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Ready to Get Rid of Neck Hump? Your Upper Back Muscles Are Now Strong & Ready For Action!

Kids these days are frequently glued to their laptops, iPads, and cellphones. A neck hump is likely to form if you don’t improve your posture. A person with a neck hump will have pain in their shoulders and neck if they do not get treatment. Eventually, their chin will migrate closer to their ribs, resulting in severe headaches in addition to discomfort in their neck and shoulders.

Using an intelligent sensing vibration, the Smart Posture Corrector continually alerts you when your back posture needs to be corrected. The orthotic devices vibrate as soon as your back is bent over 25 degrees, alerting you to straighten your posture. With the Smart Posture Corrector‘s elastic stretchy band, you can easily improve your posture and decrease slouching.

The Smart Posture Corrector helps you straighten your shoulders, spine, and upper back. Reduces or eliminates pain and stiffness caused by prolonged computer use. Whether it’s for you or your children, the free-size design of the Smart Posture Corrector fits everyone.

6 Reasons Why the Smart Posture Corrector Is All You Need to Cure Neck Hump:

  Intelligent Angle Sensor

Smart Posture Corrector has a built-in angle sensor. The orthotic devices vibrate as soon as your back is bent over 25 degrees, alerting you to straighten your posture.

   Elastic Nylon Strap

Its elastic strap guarantees perfect comfort, especially when worn for extended periods of time.

  Adjustable Non-Slip Buckle 

Smart Posture Corrector is simply adjustable to fit your back, and once fitted, it is firm and difficult to loosen.

  Develop Good Habits & Back Memory 

Wearing it for two hours a day for three weeks can progressively improve your posture in the back and neck.

  Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Smart Posture Corrector has a 500mAh battery capacity. It has a 15-day battery life on a single charge.

  Lightweight & Portable

Smart Posture Corrector is lightweight and portable, so bring it with you whether traveling or at work.


How To Use

1. Adjust to suit your back through the buckle.

2. Put on the MPG Smart Posture Corrector and activate the sensor.

3. Maintain the proper posture for 3 to 5 seconds until it vibrates, at which point the setup is complete.


*Begin with wearing it for a little period of time and gradually increasing the duration.

*Please discontinue use if you experience any odd sensations while wearing it.

*It should not be worn when sleeping.

Product Specification: 

Product Name: Smart Posture Corrector
Product Material: PC + PP / Stretchable Nylon Strap
Applicable: Adults & Kids
Battery Capacity: 500 mAh (USB Universal Charging Port)
Suitability: Weight Between 15KG – 100KG
Product Color: Grey

Package Included:

1 X Smart Posture Corrector


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