Smart Temperature Display Thermos


No More Tongue Burns From Hot Drinks Since You Can Check The Temperature Before Drinking!

During the winter season, many people prefer to drink hot beverages from a thermos. The only problem with this is if you aren’t paying attention to how hot your beverage is, you could burn your tongue or mouth accidentally.

Smart Temperature Display Thermos is a smart and stylish-looking thermos with a touch screen temperature display. It displays an approximation of the liquid temperature to you. The temperature of the liquid within the bottle is measured with the use of an ambient or conductive sensor, which is often mounted to the container’s interior wall.

Smart Temperature Display Thermos comes with touch screen degrees celsius readings on it, as well as three distinct temperature display colors: green indicates chilly, yellow indicates warm, and red indicates extremely hot. Moreover, your drink will always be at the right temperature thanks to the device’s usage of 4 distinct storage layers. In addition, its unique non-water leaking design means you may carry it without concern.


7 Reasons You Want MPG Smart Temperature Display Thermos: 

  304 Stainless Steel 

304 stainless steel is commonly found in industrial applications and culinary appliances. It has an excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

  Degree Celsius Readings & 3 Different Temperature Display Colors

You can simply view your drink’s temperature display. Green signifies chilly, yellow indicates warm, and red represents hot, which should be consumed with caution.


  Sealed Leaked-Proof Lid

Smart Temperature Display Thermos comes with a unique non-water leaking design means you may carry it around without concern.

   4 Strong Storage Layered 

It has 4 sturdy layers built-in to ensure your drink is at the temperature you prefer. It featured double high-density point spray paint, inner tank microwave copper plating, and vacuum insulation.

  Tea Drain 

The Smart Temperature Display Thermos includes a tea drain so you may drink any tea with ease.


  Anti-Slip Bottom

Its innovative anti-slip design ensures that it will not easily fall while being placed on the table.

  2 Unique Colors (great choice for a couple)

Smart Temperature Display Thermos is available in two colors: Black and Bright green pink. Getting one for a loved one is a fantastic idea.


Product Specifications:
Product Name: Smart Temperature Display Thermos
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Size: 2.55 inch (width) x 8.85 inch (height)
Storage Capacity: 500 ml
Display: LCD touch screen
Display Temperature: Degree Celsius
Thermal Insulation Performance: 12-24 hours

What’s In The Package: 
1 X Smart Temperature Display Thermos


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