New 3D Printed Articulated Slug


😆I’m really addicted to it👍

You’re gonna love this majestic slug boy! 🐛He is my favorite part of relaxing at the end of the day! I do use him as a fidget! This large size articulated slug will make you feel more relaxed. It’s a perfect desk toy. 

3D Printed Slinky Slug Toy — This isn’t an average Slinky Slug! it’s an articulate fidget toy that can help the user in their tensest moments. Each slug will make a happy, bright addition to you home or office. They wiggle and move freely and are fantastic as an adult fidget or sensory toy.

Design — This is a Fidget Sensory Toy has ingenious spherical design inside it so that can be twisted as you like.

3D Printed Articulated Slug Fidget Toy — You don’t have to worry about any storage problems. It can be folded and put it on the table when not in use, or it can be put in a drawer, saving space.

Relieves Stress And Focuses — Great for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism or anxiety, perfect for students, office workers and everyday fiddling

Pets also seem to enjoy playing with it


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