TWS Active Bluetooth Earbuds


Superior Active Noise Cancellation, Echo Noise Cancellation, and Transparency Mode in Our Latest Bluetooth Earbuds

The TWS Active Bluetooth Earbuds is our latest upgraded Bluetooth earbuds, with active noise cancellation, echo noise cancellation, transparency mode, powerful bass amplification, touch panel, ergonomic design, and ultra-long playtime (up to 8 hours of music playtime). It’s unquestionably your perfect workout companion and everyday need since it gives optimal comfort when worn for extended periods.

The TWS Active Bluetooth Earbuds features the most advanced ANC/ENC Noise Reduction Technology; the latest feedforward technology senses noise before the wearer does. ANC then analyses the noise and generates the anti-noise signal before transmitting it to the earbud’s speaker, so every phone call is always heard loud and clear.


In 2022, the market for fully wireless earbuds will be more crowded than ever before. There are so many choices available, TWS Active Bluetooth Earbuds will meet all of your needs and wishes! With a single touch, you can easily choose between music, answer and reject calls, and more.



Learn More about TWS Active Bluetooth Earbuds’ Outstanding Features:

   ANC( Active Noise Cancellation)

Anti-noise signals are generated using feedforward technology before they are transmitted to the earbud speaker so that every phone conversation is heard clearly and loudly.


  Ultra Long Play-Time

3 – 4 hours of continuous music playing and 3 hours of continuous call time are provided with a single charge.


  Great Sensor Touch Panel

You may utilize the controls to play, stop, and skip between songs, as well as answer and end phone calls. Even more impressive is the ease with which you may switch between ANC and Transparency Mode.



  Premium Sound Quality 

TWS Active Bluetooth Earbuds boasts a crisp, clear high, and improved low frequency with a superb powerful bass amplification.


  Instant Pairing

It utilizes memory connection technology, which means that after the initial pairing, TWS Active Bluetooth Earbuds will automatically pair.


  Transparency Mode 

Ensures that you may have a clear conversation with those around you without having to take out your earbuds.


  Crystal Clear Call 


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