Car Air Freshener
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Car Air Freshener


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  • PORTABLE CAR AIR FRESHENER – This mini designed air freshener destroys persistent car interior odors and allows you to enjoy the fragrance of nature in the car, giving you a comfortable driving experience.. It’s small and portable, lightweight and easy to use whenever you need it!
  • LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE – Air blows from inside out giving you relaxing experiences from this car air diffusers using your favorite fragrances! This aroma diffuser humidifier can refresh the air, add moisture, make your surroundings smell sweet, protect leather items by more humidity and let you feel energetic & invigorating.
  • EASY TO USE – Our air freshener is attached by automotive-specific adhesive, which can be repeatedly pasted and firmly stuck without leaving any marks. Use the 2 scent sheets without scent and add your favorite essential oil, or enjoy the Magnolia flavor from wood beads included. DIY your car perfume!
  • BREATH EASILY – It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and can be used by pregnant women and children. Compared to liquid aromatherapy, this car fragrance can be exposed to the sun, stable and safe. The scent is designed purposefully to be subtle but not too invasive for daily use and atmosphere in your car.
  • REAL WORK OF CRAFT – High-quality material and elegant design make it an aesthetically pleasing and practical product. 3 style of aromatherapy: 20 wood beads with Magnolia flavor, DIY your own style CD shape tablets, or add your favorite aroma essential oil on it. The filling is your choice!


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