180° Rotatable Socket
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180° Rotatable Socket


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3-in-1 Rotatable Socket That Bends Without Blocking Other Outlets

Both type A and type B outlets are found on the wall of our home. Extensions are necessary because it is not enough. A further issue arises because some extensions are very large and block the type B outlet, preventing us from simultaneously employing outlets of both types.

Using the 180° Rotatable Socket solves this problem. Rotatable sockets are ideal for narrow wall outlets, as they may be connected into a type A outlet while offering you an extra 3 type A outlets. You won’t have to worry about it blocking the type B outlet, and it won’t take up much room, so you won’t have any trouble setting up your furniture.

The high-quality flame-retardant material used in the manufacture of 180° Rotatable Socket can resist temperatures of up to 750°C. When using the high voltage at the same time, you won’t have to worry about damaging your wall socket or causing power outages. The above-mentioned pricing includes a 4X  180° Rotatable Socket, making it an excellent value for such a practical item.

6 reasons why every household should own an 180° Rotatable Socket:

  180° Rotatable

180° Rotatable Socket may be bent to avoid blocking the type B outlet, allowing you to use the type A outlet extension while still having access to the type B outlet.

  3-in-1 type A extensions

3 type A extensions are included in the  180° Rotatable Socket to allow for the simultaneous operation of an additional 3 electronic gadgets like a laptop, computer, and a TV.

  2500W of Power

It can handle up to 2500W of electricity, allowing you to run your television, computer, and table lamp at the same time.

  Extremely Safe-to-Use

It is constructed of high-quality copper, imported fire retardant, and ABS plastic, ensuring that you can use it without fear; it was designed to eliminate safety issues.

  Suitable for Any Occasions

The 180° Rotatable Socket is ideal for any homes, hotels, or offices. It may be used in any interior location with a socket, but it is especially useful in the bedroom, bathroom, and hotel, making it a must-have for travelers.



180° Rotatable Socket is tiny and portable, making it easy to carry while on a trip or bringing it to your office.


Product Specification: 

Product Name: 180° Rotatable Socket 
Product Material: High Quality Copper, PC Flame Retardant & ABS Plastic
Product Weight: 30gram 
Product Size: 6.6cm (length) X 4.3cm (width) X 1.4cam (height)
Product Power: 2500W
Product Voltage: 250V
Product Current: 10A
Plug Type: US Universal Plug
Product Color: Blue

Package Included: 

4 X 180° Rotatable Socket



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