Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker
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Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker


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Trying To Make Your Drinks Appear More Aesthetically Pleasing & Refined Than Ever?

To make relaxing periods even more pleasurable, the Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker is all you need. It elevates your drinks to a new level of sophistication and luxury. Using this ice maker, you’ll be able to generate ice that’s smooth and pleasant. Then adding the round ice to any drink to make it into a perfect drink.

The Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker can produce 6x 4.5cm ice balls at once and may be used with smaller-shaped drink cups or glasses. Maintain the taste and purity of all your favorite liquors and beverages by keeping them chilled for hours without diluting them. 🥃  ❄️


The material for these soft silicone molds is FDA certified and BPA free. It’s long-lasting and built of environmentally friendly silicone molds with a removable covers that’s reusable, cleanable, and easy to fill. You are allowed to use it without any worries.

Whisky, wine, beer, cocktails, water, juices, non-alcoholic beverages, and other beverages are all fantastic with the Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker. It invented the greatest ice spheres that melt slower than typical ice cubes and produce seamless, attractive ice balls with a leak-proof design.



5 Reasons To Use Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker To Make Stunning Beverages:

   Food Grade Silicone 

To achieve complete product safety, 100 % certified food safety grade silicone was used. Because the Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker is BPA-free, you may add the ice which created by the silicone, into your drinks without any concerns.


  Diverse Functionality

Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker may be used to make a variety of summertime treats other than just cooling your drinks. Popsicles, puddings, fruit jellies, chocolates, and cakes are just a few of the recipes that may be made using this culinary tool, there are more for you to explore. 



  Non-Stick Material

Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker is easier to release ices than traditional rigid ice cube molds; all you have to do is push the bottom of the molds, and the ice balls will fall out easily.


  Durable to Use

The Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 230°C. It will not break or crumble as easily as plastic because of its high cold and heat resistance.


  Adding a Splash of Color to Your Drinks

The addition of dazzling and crystal-clear ice balls elevates your beverages to a new level of sophistication and elegance. Be a good host and amaze your guests by serving them a visually appealing drinks.





About Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker

  • Each ice ball mold makes six 4.5cm/1.77inches ice spheres.
  • The ice tray is sealed and balanced, ensuring that it does not leak or tip in the freezer.
  • Ideal for ice cubes, chocolate, and gelatines at parties and bars.
  • Any food, such as strawberry, cherry, orange, apple, or lemon, can be added to the drink.
  • The ice ball will become glittering and crystal-clear when it has been frozen.





Product Specifications:

Type: Premium Ice Maker
Material: Silicone
Color: Black
Size: 18 * 13 * 5.5 *
Weight: about 270g
Ice Ball Diameter: 4.5cm Water Hole Diameter

What’s Included?

1 x Premium 6 Balls Ice Maker



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