Premium Laptop Sleeve Bag Stand


Premium Laptop Sleeve Bag Stand

What Is the Premium Laptop Sleeve Bag Stand? Premium Laptop Sleeve Bag Stand is a pouch, made of plastic and nylon, designed to fit closely over the skin of your laptop. It can help you to minimize the amount of dust or debris that your company’s laptops come into contact with, and may protect against minor knocks and bumps.



About Premium Laptop Sleeve Bag Stand

 Laptop Holder
Offer three angles for height adjustment, which makes for eye watching and typing.

 Additional Pouch
Come with two additional pouches for the power charger and mouse.

 Multi-layer Protection
Outer fabric and Neoprene layer that protect against dust dirt debris, scratches, and water splash.

 Soft fluffy lining interior
Offer protection against bump shakes, and extrusion when it’s put in a backpack or suitcase.


 Innovative Design
Innovative design, the inner bag + bracket is combined into one, which is more convenient and practical.



  Waterproof and Scratch Proof


Thick Plush Lining
Thicker plush lining – delicate touch better protection of laptop.


  Show Details
Good products are not afraid to zoom into the details


Product Specification

Material: High-grade PU fabric and thick plush lining
Color Options: Black



 What’s Inside The Package?
Laptop Liner Bag, Data Line Bag, Data Cable Strap and Mouse Bag.

Finding the right laptop sleeve is an important task that is more complex than just finding the coolest looking option online. Premium Laptop Sleeve Bag Stand is meant to provide an in-depth assessment of it’s features that make or break a good laptop case.






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