Hand Warmer & Power Bank
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Hand Warmer & Power Bank


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Keep Warm With This Brilliant 2 in 1 Hand Warmer / Power Bank!

As the winter approaches, we’ll need something warm to keep us from getting sick with a cold or the flu. When it’s chilly outside, our hands are the most exposed. Gloves help, but they’re not adequate. Therefore, we introduce you to our innovative new 2-in-1 gadget that now could meet both of your essential needs.

Hand Warmer & Power Bank is a unique 2 in 1 gadget that can easily warm your hands with its built-in 3 different temperatures ranging from 42°C, 47°C & 52°C. This is more than enough to keep you toasty this winter. You can easily hold it with both hands and feel the warmth of the gadget. It may also be used as a power bank, as it has a 5200mAh battery packed in.

It is safe to use. Hand Warmer & Power Bank optimized circuits safeguard against over-discharge, overload, overheating, and short circuits. For the upcoming winter season, the  Hand Warmer & Power Bank will be a thoughtful and heartwarming present. Send this hand warmer to your loved ones to keep them warm while also expressing your love towards them.


6 reasons why the  Hand Warmer & Power Bank is the ideal holiday gift:

  3 Different Levels of Temperatures

Are you concerned that it will be too hot or that there will be insufficient heat? This new hand warmer has 3 temperature settings: 42°C, 47°C, and 52°C. Stay warm with ease by meeting your demands easily. Its LCD screen will readily indicate the current temperature.

  Function As a Portable Power Bank

The 5200mAh power pack within the Hand Warmer & Power Bank makes it a two-in-one device. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets may be charged with their built-in USB interface.


Hand Warmer & Power Bank is small and lightweight, making it ideal to carry around for both uses indoors and out.


  Premium Touch-Feeling

It is constructed from aluminum alloy and high-quality batteries. Furthermore, its smooth and dust-free surface provides a quality touch-feeling. It is also extremely long-lasting, small, and beautiful.


  Heartwarming Gift

Stop wandering around and buying inappropriate or useless presents. During the cold season, the Hand Warmer & Power Bank is an ideal gift. Anyone who receives this considerate present will undoubtedly be grateful.

  Safe To Use

Hand Warmer & Power Bank optimized circuits safeguard against over-discharge, overload, overheating, and short circuits.


Product Specifications:
Product Name: Hand Warmer & Power Bank
Material: Aluminum Alloy & Plastic
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Heating Temperature: 42°C / 47°C / 52°C
Heating Power: 6-8W
Output: DC5V/2.1A
Output (power bank): DV5V/2.1A
Size: 8.3*3cm
Heat Duration: 10 – 14 Hours
Charging Time: 3.5 Hours (5V/2.1A input)


What’s In The Box:
1 X  Hand Warmer & Power Bank
1 X USB Cable
1 X User Manual


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