Magical Plasma Ball Lamp
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Magical Plasma Ball Lamp


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Ready To Amaze Your Kids With This Magical Lamp That Responds To Touch 

Do you remember going to the science museum and seeing a plasma ball that everyone touched and its illuminating light followed the movement of the hands? It still appears to be magical, doesn’t it? We introduced the Magical Plasma Ball Lamp, which allows you to transport this museum-like plasma ball to your house in a lot more portable and visually stunning design.

The Magical Plasma Ball Lamp is a 5-inch plasma ball lamp with touch-sensitivity lighting. It glows in the dark, bringing an air of mystery to the atmosphere. It’s powered by a US wall socket. There is no need for a battery to provide everlasting magical lighting.

Magical Plasma Ball Lamp employs electrostatic induction, which means that when your fingers touch the surface of the ball-shaped glass-made lamp, the lightning in the lamp moves with your fingertips and produces stunning lightning color.

This wonderful magical lamp will wow your friends and family. It may be used at home, the office, a business, a restaurant, or anywhere else. It is an excellent choice for a birthday, corporate, or holiday present.


6 Reasons Why Magical Plasma Ball Lamp Is One of The Most Innovative Lamp:


By moving your fingertips across the lamp’s surface, its lightning will follow your finger movement and illuminates magical lightning color. Enjoy playing around with your kids.

  Glow in The Dark

Because of its wonderful lightning color and constant lightning movement, Magical Plasma Ball Lamp shines brightest in the dark. It is simple to create a galaxy ambiance.

  Perfect For Decoration & Party

Magical Plasma Ball Lamp is ideal for use as room décor, bedroom decor, living room decor, birthday decor, and party decor. A mysterious, warm, and inviting atmosphere will be created for a party or festival with this lamp.


  Safe to Use

Magical Plasma Ball Lamp is powered by a 220V thermal power supply and a 12V low voltage output; it is completely safe to use and presents no risk to the human body.


Due to its portable design, this plasma ball light may be simply moved to any room. Simply set it anywhere you like and plug it into a US wall outlet.

  Best Gift For Kids

It is the perfect gift for family and friends, so impress them today with Magical Plasma Ball Lamp this holiday season.


Product Specification :
Product Name: Magical Plasma Ball Lamp
Product Type: Electrostatic Sphere Light
Certification: RoHS & CCC
Body Material: Glass
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Product Size: 5-inc (19cm height x 12.3cm width)
Power Source: AC (US wall socket)
Wattage: 0-6W
Voltage: 220V
Batteries Required: No
Power Control: Attached switch
Package Included:
1 x Magical Plasma Ball Lamp
1 x User Manual



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