Levitating World Globe


Looking For The Coolest Tech Gift? Look No Further!

Finding the perfect tech gift can be difficult. A futuristic-looking gadget present would be a welcome addition to any home. Simply transform the place with an awesome futuristic vibe. You can bet that the person who receives this present will be so impressed and fall in love with this magnificent  Levitating World Globe in seconds!

With a built-in LED light function, the  Levitating World Globe looks fantastic in the dark. By using the magnetic force from the frame’s bottom and top, it allows the globe to float in midair. There are also 3 colored LED beads in the frame, which display hues such as Purple, Pink, and Cyan. Decorate your office or home with cool desk gadgets.

It has a unique C-shaped design and is constructed of ABS material (high in tensile strength and is resistant to physical impacts as well as chemical damage). Furthermore, the Levitating World Globe surface is labeled with the English names of countries.


What’s special about Levitating World Globe?

  360° Float & Rotate

Levitating World Globe utilizes a magnetic levitation system, the globe is able to float and slowly rotate at a 360-degree angle while remaining stable.

  Premium Built-In Material 

It is constructed with ABS material (high in tensile strength and is resistant to physical impacts as well as chemical damage). Moreover, it is lightweight and durable as well.

  Best Gift & Best Decoration

It’s a great gift idea for anyone. The MPG Levitating World Globe is an excellent display piece for your retail store, office, or home.


Simply plug it into the included adapter, turn it on, and hold the globe to balance it in between the C-shaped base; the globe will slowly float.

  Colorful LED Lights

Levitating World Globe has three LED light components, including purple, pink, and cyan, which make it look very cool in the dark.

  Excellent Geography Teaching Demonstration For Children

The  Levitating World Globe‘s surface displays the English names of countries, can be used as a simple geography teaching demonstration. Excellent learning for your children!







Product Specification:

Product name: Levitating World Globe
Color: Blue & Golden
Body Material: ABS, rubber oil coated, and metal
Output Voltage: 12V
Input Voltage: 110V – 240V
Net Weight: 483gram
Size: 18cm x 8.5cm x 17cm
Plug Type: US plug
Light Source: LED bulb
Batteries Required: No
Power Source: AC
Package Included:
1 x Globe (Golden or Blue)
1 x C-Shape Base
1 x AC Adapter


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