LED UV Mosquito Trap
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LED UV Mosquito Trap


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LED UV Mosquito Trap – Protect Family From Nasty Bites, By Killing Thousands of Mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes are a pest that no one enjoys. They’re not only disease vectors, but they’re also blood-sucking pests that leave itching bumps that drive you crazy. It is no longer a problem; everyone, including you, can use this fantastic device to solve this issue. Learn more about the LED UV Mosquito Trap and how it can help you get rid of these pesky flying pests! 🦟 🚫

The LED UV Mosquito Trap is a simple and effective gadget to help you get rid of mosquitoes in your home or office. The LED UV Mosquito Trap attracts insects with UV light and captures them with a powerful 360-degree suction fan.

It kills without using chemicals and is completely safe for kids and pets. It’s extremely silent, tiny, and light, making it ideal for camping, outdoor meetings, and even interior use.

Mosquitoes are dragged into this 100% effective trap and exterminated before they can bite us.

7 Reasons That The UV Mosquito Trap Is A Must-Have For Your Home:

Mosquito Trap with 368nm Light

Using 368nm UV light, 360° light, and photocatalytic reaction created by photocatalyst, release carbon dioxide and airflow to replicate the carbon dioxide damp environment emitted by the human body. Mosquitoes are drawn in all directions.

  Strong Suction

The fan vigorously stirs the surrounding air to create a vortex, causing mosquitoes used to flying with the wind and mosquitoes near the wind tunnel to be drawn into the bottom of the mosquito disc by intense vortex suction.

  Centrifugal Pressure to Prevents Escape

Once dragged into the trapping grid, the mosquito finds it difficult to escape the strong vortex created by the fan, which has been driven into the bottom of the mosquito disc by the cyclone, causing it to dehydrate and air-dry to death.

  Powered By USB Power Supply

The USB power port allows you to power and uses it with an adapter, power bank, computer/laptop, etc.

   Easy To Clean

Just unlock the storage box and empty the dead mosquitoes.

  Removable Structural Design

Rotate the mosquito box counterclockwise to remove it. Water should be used to clean it. After cleaning, wipe it down with a dry cloth.


Nontoxic and contain no insecticide, suitable for indoor home use.


Product Description

  • Product name:  UV Mosquito Trap
  • Power cord length :108cm
  • Power supply: DV 5V-1A
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Product size: 9.6*16.4cm
  • Rated voltage :220V110~220V
  • Package size: 11cm*11cm*18cm
  • Weight: 310 g

Useful methods for utilizing it

(1) To get rid of mosquitoes in the bedroom, open it up ahead of time (at least 3 hours) and leave it open until you go to bed.

(2) The use effect is better in an unmanned setting because human body temperature and scent might attract mosquitoes, affecting the use effect.

(3) This product is a physical approach to kill mosquitoes; a boot will not kill mosquitoes immediately. Turn off all other lights save the mosquito light and make sure it’s the only one on.

(4) Check the storage box after 24 hours, because when using physical anti-mosquito, mosquitoes die from dehydration and air drying, so the process takes time, and if the box is frequently opened, dead mosquitoes may escape.

(5) For the first time, use constantly for more than 48 hours. Please close the doors and windows and draw the curtains while using to ensure that it works in a dark atmosphere. Place the control location as far above the ground as feasible. While using, do not switch on any lamps, open any doors or windows, or use any air conditioning or electric fan outlets.



   Package Includes :

1 x LED UV Mosquito Trap
1 x USB Powered Cable
1 x User Manual


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