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Rocket Launcher


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Jump & Stomp To Launch The Rocket High Up To Sky!

There are various toys that children may play with their friends, or adults can join them and have a great time. The majority of toys these days are designed with children’s safety in mind. Duo Rocket Launcher is a fantastic toy that kids will enjoy playing with and could keep them away from their screens all day.

Rocket Launcher is one of the excellent toys that has been exciting for kids around the world, delivering fun, energetic play, and S.T.E.M. learning experiences. Foam-tipped rockets may be launched with ease by children of all ages. There is no fuse, no flame, and no electrical or mechanical parts. The fact that it’s made of foam means that kids may safely play with it.

Using the Rocket Launcher is a great way for youngsters to burn off some energy on a beautiful evening. Parents enjoy that the kids can get some exercise and have fun while ensuring their kids are safe. The kids could effortlessly fire the rocket into the sky or far away by altering the angle.

The following are some amazing features of the Duo Rocket Launcher:

  Included 3 All-Foam Rockets

Rocket Launcher comes with a bundle of 3 red-colored rockets, allowing you to spend less time picking up rockets to relaunch.

  Adjustable Angle

The Rocket Launcher’s stand allows you to send your rockets flying vertically or horizontally for height or distance.

  Durable Tripod Stand 

When the kids leap and stomp on the launch button, the tripod stand will not fall or trip due to its sturdiness and is easier to keep upright on uneven surfaces. Keep children safe and entertained.


  All-Foam Rockets Material, Kid’s Safety

Rocket Launcher’s rockets have been designed with a foam tip to prevent injury. It is a safe toy that kids may play with without their parents being worried.


The tripod stand may be folded when not in use after it has been correctly assembled. Easy to store and maintain without taking up a lot of space.

  Launch Up To 10 Meters Up In The Air

Run, hop, and stomp on the launcher’s power button, and the foam rockets can effortlessly shoot up to 10 meters in the air, guaranteed to wow your kids.


  Kids Can Have Fun While Also Learning

Your kids may explore trajectory, force, and aerodynamics by launching from various angles.

  Easy To Assemble

1. Connect the tripod’s legs to the tripod base.
2. Screw the tripod stand into the base to secure it.
3. Clamp the launch tube to the tripod stand.
4. Connect the tube pipe and place the rocket; the rocket is now ready to launch!


Product Specification: 

Product Name: Rocket Launcher
Rocket’s Material: Foam 
Tripod Stand’s Material: Plastic 
Launching Range: 10 meters (vary according to the force of stomping and the direction of the wind)
Product Certification: CE
Recommended Age: 4 – 12 years old
Suitable For: Outdoor Use

Package Included: 

1 X Launcher 
3 X Foam Rockets


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