Toilet Crevice Brush


It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Keep Your Bathroom’s Cracks & Crevices Clean

It’s time to get rid of your standard toilet brush! What’s the matter? What if I told you that the toilet brushes you’ve been using are contaminated with bacteria and viruses? It doesn’t matter if you use soap or detergent to clean it; those bacteria and viruses are still lurking there. In the end, poor hygiene in the toilet causes illness.

Rather than using a regular toilet brush, use the Toilet Crevice Brush, which is made of eco-friendly grade silicone instead of plastic or even animal hair. A non-stick coating on the brush head ensures that no mites, hair, or other impurities remain on the brush after cleaning. Keeping your bathroom’s toilet bowl, sink, and dead angles clean and germ-free is a major concern while cleaning.

It also has a flexible brush head, allowing it to reach every nook and cranny in the bathroom. As a bonus, it comes with a drainable toilet brush holder, which will help to remove any excess dirty water on it. The Toilet Crevice Brush is a must-have cleaning tool for your bathroom!

6 Reasons Why  Toilet Crevice Brush Is The Best Available:

  Non-Stick Coating Brush Head

Its nonstick coating guarantees that after cleaning, no mites, hair, or other impurities remain on the brush. After cleaning, provide a completely hygienic bathroom.

  Bendable Brush Head

Allowing it to reach every nook and cranny in the house. There are no dead angles that cannot be cleaned, ensuring an extraordinarily hygienic sink and toilet bowl.

  Comes With Brush Holder

Help to remove any excess dirty water on it. Also, it’s easier for you to keep the toilet brush in the desired spot.

  TPR Soft Brush Head

Toilet Crevice Brush is constructed of excellent silicone, which is soft and long-lasting. It will not scratch your floor, sink, or toilet bowl when cleaning.

  Wide Variety of Using

 Toilet Crevice Brush may be used to clean nearly every surface in your bathroom, including the sink, toilet bowl, floor, and walls. Its bendable material allows it to fit into even the smallest of gaps.

  Modern & Colorful Design

It has a vibrant appearance and serves as both a practical utility and an exceptionally visually pleasing device.

Product Specification: 

Product Name: Toilet Crevice Brush
Product Size: 38cm x 10cm x 4cm
Product Material: Premium ABS & Silicone 
Product Color: White & Green

Package Included:

1 X Toilet Crevice Brush
1 X Toilet Brush Holder


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