Universal Tripod Stand
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Universal Tripod Stand


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Hold Your Phone or Camera in The Greatest Posture Possible For The Best Shot!

While there are a wide variety of phone stands available, most of them lack flexibility or the ability to be remotely controlled from a distance. There are times when we come upon a beautiful photo opportunity, but no one’s there to assist us. However, thanks to our innovative 360° tripod stand with bending tripod legs and wireless remote, you can snap any stunning images by yourself.

The Universal Tripod Stand is the most up-to-date tripod stand that everyone requires to take the most eye-catching shot for social media! It is compatible with small cameras and most smartphones. The tripod legs are so versatile that you may wrap them over bushes, fences, or hang them as well.

 Universal Tripod Stand‘s 360° rotating function means that you can use it to hold your phone as well as adjust the optimum shot angle. The remote control, which allows you to shoot photos from up to 10 meters away from your phone, is my favorite feature. Very adaptable and practical!


  Universal Tripod Stand’s 7 Amazing Product Features: 

  360° Rotation 

The Universal Tripod Stand includes a 360° movable head that allows you to manually rotate and achieve the optimal angle while capturing an eye-catching photo.

  Compatible to Most Mobile Phone 

Universal Tripod Stand fits most mobile phones with widths of 2.0″ (5.5cm) and lengths of 3.5″. (8.50cm).


  Support Lightweight Camera 

Even the lightest cameras can be supported by Universal Tripod Stand thanks to its built-in universal 1/4 screw that can be instantly linked to the tripod and quickly removed when not in use. Adjust your camera’s position when shooting on the most uneven surface.

  Bendable Tripod Legs 

The tripod legs are so adaptable that you may wrap them over bushes, fences, or hang them.

  Slip-Resistant Design

The bottom of the tripod legs design with a non-slip design ensures to hold your phone or camera without slipping.

  Wide Variety of Use 

You may use it as a phone stand, camera stand, phone holder, tablet holder, and more to improve your photo and video shooting.

  Control By Remote 

Within 10 meters, you may use the included remote to shoot photos. Extremely handy and convenient.

Remote Instruction (Battery not provided)

1. After turning on the device, push the Bluetooth pairing key, and the LED slowly flashes.
2. Use mobile phones to connect. After the pairing is successful, the LED light will cease blinking;
3. After setup, the LED light will turn on.  Universal Tripod Stand is now ready for use.
4. If you are not using the product for five minutes, it will go into a dormant state. When not in use, we recommend pushing the power button to switch off, guarantee that the battery may be used for an extended period of time.

Product Specification: 

Product Name: Universal Tripod Stand 
Product Material: Environmental Friendly ABS Plastic & Sponge
Product Weight: 60gram 
Product Size: Tripod Stand Size (19cm), Phone Holder Size (9cm)
Product Color: Black
Battery Required: 1624 Button Battery (Not included) 
Bearing Capacity: 0.8kg
Rotateable Range: 360°

Package Included: 

1 X  Universal Tripod Stand 
1 X Remote Control (1624 Button Battery not included) 
1 X User-Manual


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