Tricky Hungry Snake Toy
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Tricky Hungry Snake Toy


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Best Interactive Multiplayer Party Game. Tricky Hungry Snake Toy!

The Tricky Hungry Snake Toy is a fantastic multiplayer game to play with your friends and family at a party. The snake toy will scare you away by snatching his gold nuggets, making it an interactive toy. It is a toy that suitable for all ages to play with. During the game, you could sense the excitement while also being filled with joy.

To make it more exciting, the Tricky Hungry Snake Toy will make the “ZiZiZi” sound effect. Furthermore, the snake toy’s tail will vibrate to aware you that he might going to catch you while you are snatching his gold nuggets. Are you ready for the thrills and spills?


How To Play ?

1. Pick up the gold nuggets carefully from the side of the Tricky Hungry Snake Toy.

2. Avoid putting too much pressure on the snake toy while picking up the gold nuggets.

3. The Tricky Hungry Snake Toy’s tail will open and its head will move forward, scaring you away, if you accidentally touch it with too much pressure.


4 Reasons You Need A Tricky Hungry Snake Toy:

  Best Interactive Multiplayer Toy

It’s the coolest multiplayer interactive toy you’ll ever own. The Tricky Hungry Snake Toy can be enjoyed by 2–4 players at the same time. It provides you with a thrilling and amusing experience.


  Family Bonding Activity

The best interactive toy to play with while bonding with your family. It provides you and your family a variety of unforgettable memories. You can also laugh at the humorous moment when you or your family are being scared by the snake toy.



  Children’s Favorite Toy

Children enjoy things that are both amusing and exciting. This toy is ideal for them to have some fun and interacting moments, it helps them to stay away from their technological devices.



It’s quite easy play with this toy. You can win by carefully picking up the gold nuggets and avoid putting too much pressure on the toy.


Product Specifications: 

Product Name: Tricky Hungry Snake Toy

Product Type: Interactive Toy

Product Size: 21*16*16cm 

Material: Plastic, Electronic Components

Power Supply: 3 AA Batteries (Not Included) 

Suitable Age: 3 Years Old & Above


What’s In The Box ?

1 X Snake Toy

1 X Snake’s Hat 

1 X Gold Coin

16 X Gold Nuggets



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